I daresay ’we’ve come a long way baby’. And here we are: back at the beginning.

When I played my first game of D&D with my brother 30+ years ago, computers were the size of SUV’s! Now I sit with one on my shrinking lap, sharing my campaign with people all over the world, with just a few taps of my fingers.

My first character, a chain mail clad fighter with a name long ago forgotten if he even had one, won a bag of gold and then fell into a pool of water and missed his Saving Throw. Drowned! He was gone, but I was hooked. He may have perished that night but his memory lives on forever. I will never forget sitting at my parent’s kitchen table with my brother that night. Isn’t that what the game is about?

It is a part of those old days that I am trying to recapture here; I will never be young or skinny again, but back then the game really was ‘magic’ and there was a ‘feeling’ inside when you played that you just couldn’t describe in words. It’s that ‘feeling’ that I’m after. We played for years, different editions, different places and with different people. Some of those people and places are gone now but the game remains.

I hope to come full circle with this return to old school D&D. I still think it is the best game ever designed. My brother is here too, along with some old friends and new. Together we have over 150 years of D&D experience. That’s got to be a lot of XP.

There is no real ‘theme’ to this campaign although it won’t be a series of disjointed one time adventures either. The party isn’t out to save the world or survive some cataclysmic happening. Their characters all have their own reasons for adventuring, whether it is research, obligation, or the lure of gold. They are adventurers. That says it all.

This campaign is set in the country of Breetland, a country about 100 miles north of the center of western civilization: The Theocratic Republic of San Genaro. This is all in an as yet unnamed world I have labored over, off and on, for over twenty years. In general the world mirrors our own at the beginning of the Renaissance. Some countries are a little more ‘advanced’ than others. Breetland is like England in the early 1400’s. Not as ‘cultured’ as Italy but not too far behind and certain to catch up.

One last thing: this campaign site is dedicated to my Uncle John, a character in his own right. He taught me that you are never too old to be a kid and that the game is important. As long as I live I will never forget Chester or the air sharks. Here’s to you, UJ. Thanks!

Breetland Bash

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