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Post Adventure

The Aftermath

Along the banks of a slowly meandering stream, Fron sat alone immersed in his thoughts of the events of the previous days.
What an “adventure” it had all seemed to him when he had first left the abbey, then happening onto his companions in Chelltanham and the quest the strange Odo had presented to them, which they quickly accepted.
He had been infused with an enthusiasm he could barely contain, seeking acceptance amoungst his new found friends and establishing his own place within their ranks.
There he had been, all polished and gleaming chainmail, an imposing figure and who better to lead than him. Fron slowly shook his head, a long deep sigh issuing from his chest as his eyes scanned his surroundings.
His first adventure had not ended in the way he had envisioned it in his mind. Yes, they had procured The Tear and they had survived the challenges of the tower and the encounter with the Wardens, but it was his own failings that had brought them nearly to the brink of ruin.
Jasper’s words still stung him. They had been stern but gentle in the aftermath of the fight with the Wardens, but the Halfling had put it right. “You were so set on lighting the campfire….”
It had been Fron’s arrogance that had drawn the Wardens to them like moths to a flame and his temper that had nearly gotten them captured or , worse still, slain.
His thoughts went back to his years of martial training at the abbey. How many times had he been told of his rashness, his impetuousness by his instructors? What did he care for such things when he held his hammer or maul in his fists? The words of Friar Clemont came back to him as well, “your temper will be your undoing one day if you don’t learn to control it” How he had laughed at the old man’s advice back then.
“You were so set on lighting the campfire….” Japser’s words continued to echo in his mind, words that had been a strong dose of reality that he had sorely needed. Digesting them was another matter and he now understood that subtlety was at times needed more than action.
His rash act had brought the Wardens, his temper had nearly gotten them killed. The hard truth of it was that he had been looking for a fight, seizing any excuse to prove himself. Well, he had gotten what he sought and they had barely survived the encounter. It was not an easy thing for him to accept, but he set his resolve to remedy it.
He slowly rose to his feet, absently flicking a small pebble into the clear stream before turning back towards Chelltanham. There was treasure to be divided, failings to be addressed and, hopefully, another adventure on the horizon as he headed back to the inn still immersed within his own thoughts.


Excellent! Love it.

Post Adventure

Heh! Well, I had considered that comment about the campfire to be out-of-character, and was actually thinking about writing a log post in which, in-character, Jasper was fully complicit in setting the campfire himself. But you beat me to it, so we’ll go with your version! <grin>

Post Adventure
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