Arthur 'Two Nose' Jackson

Captain of the the 'Gryphon'


‘Two Nose’ is an amalgamation of every sea-captain stereotype you can remember. He’s salty, impatient with ‘land lubbers’, calls land lubbers ‘land lubbers’, squints a lot and occasionally says ‘arr’ to mean ‘yes’.
He captains the ‘Gryphon’, a sleek and fast trading vessel (though it may not appear that way, think: Millenium Falcon) that plies the seas off the coast of Breetland, from Norscandia to The Theocratic Triumvirate of San Genaro and all points between.
Passage aboard the Gryphon has been arranged by one McTavish D’Brute whom Ripkin vouches for.


Arthur 'Two Nose' Jackson

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