Alignment-Lawful Good
Hit Dice-d8
Hit Points-21
AC- Studded leather 14 + shield +1 = 15.

Wisdom-14/2 1st level spells
8 to loyalty base and +7 to reaction adjustment

Experience Points:7274
Gold Pcs.-1,889 Gold, 27 silver

SPELLS/ 3rd Lvl Druid/ has 4 1st lvl spells and 1 2nd lvl spell available per day.
14 Wisdom
Bonus 2 1st level spells
2 1st lvl spells for lvl progression
1 2nd lvl spell for lvl progression
2 Cure Light Wounds, Touch for 1d8
1 Entangle, Range 80 yds, AOE 40’ cube, save vs spell can move 10’ per round until out, casting time 4 rds, Duration 1 Turn
1 Charm Animals scroll
1 priest scroll: 4 1st level spells: ceremony, invisibility to undead, magic stone, clw

Studded Leather
Wood Shield
Cloak of elvenkind

1 Scimitar- 1d81 1 slot Proficiency
Sling-S&M 1d4+1, L 1d6+1 1 slot Proficiency
50 silver sling bullets
50 normal sling bullets
Wand of Fear-4 charges

Non Weapons Proficiencies:
Healing and Herbalism 2 slots each


Studded Leather armor
Wooden shield
boots, pants, tunic,vest, cloak
knife sheath
scimitar sheath
sling, bag w/50 stones
Back Pack
Belt and belt pouch/large and small
2 scroll cases
10 torches
2 water skins
hooks, fishing line and net
flint & tinder
1 Lg. Saddle bags
1 Sm. Saddle bags
4 Large Sacks
50’ hemp rope
Grappling hook
4 Weeks of iron rations
3 Flasks of Greek fire
8 Sprigs of Wolvesbane.


Artos was raised on a small farm outside the city of Ferelden. His Father, Ol’ Wiet, was a merchant who had a connection with the dwarves, but wasn’t one himself. He was often working or drinking his potent homemade wine. Ol’ Wiet specialized in mysterious, enchanted stones. People with serious ailments came to see his mother, who also tended the farm. Artos’ fondest memories were being up before the sun rose, working on the farm under a pastel illuminated sky, hearing stories from his mother, Rhia. Rhia always taught him about the plants, “feel there vibrations and listen to them.” She claimed this is where she got her healing abilities from…listening to and learning from the goddesses of nature. Although people would come to see the healer, and would always get better, people in the town would cast a weary eye upon there family, claiming they used witchcraft.
A blight came turning the soil an ashy red color, almost like rust. It began to wilt the forest and Rhia heard the spirits crying out as there life was slowly being extinguished. She claimed the goblin king had gotten his hands on a powerful relic that would destroy the forest and they had to flee there land. They decided they would go to the city of Cheltenham where there family had an estate. The family could live off the land easily, for the most part, gold and silver they received from there work was a bonus. Artos spoke with his family and together they decided it was his time to go see this new world, start his own path, and become a man.


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