Fron The Fluent

A cleric who belongs to the Militant Order of the Church of Adamantias


Name-Fron the Fluent
Race_ Human, Age-18, Height-6’, Weight-182lbs., Hair-Sandy brown, Eyes-Green
Class-Cleric of the Militant Order (CHurch Knight) of Adamantias of the Pantheon of 500, A black hammer is the coat of arms worn on their tabards.

These are the 8 rolls I got-15, 5, 13,10, 9, 17, 6, and a 16
they were dispersed as follows

HIT POINTS- 8+2= 10HP—-4th level/ 36 Hit points
AC-18 with Plate and +1 Ring ( when using 2 handed maul) ( when using shield and hammer)
AC-19 Plate, +1 Ring and using Shield and Hammer
Plate Armor
+1 Ring of Protection
Flute of the Sewers
+4 Splintmail
Experience Points——11,102

Spells- 17 Wisdom +3 to saving throws
2 additional 1st level spells Plus 3 for level progression
2 additional 2nd level spells Plus 2 for level progression
1 additional 3rd level spell

Fron’s secondary skills are Archeology and Languages

Languages known
Orc, Goblin, Centaur, Elven

Starting gold was 120GP—-Now At 2,200 Gold pieces

Common Clothing 4GP
Plate Mail 600GP
Shield 7GP
Maul 1d10 Damage 10GP
+1 War Hammer 1d8 D 4GP
Backpack 4GP
Tinderbox 3GP
! Wk Dry rations 10GP
2 Wineskins 2GP
6 Torches 1GP
50" Hemp Rope 1GP
12 Iron Spikes 1GP
Grappling Hook 2GP
Bag of Chalk 2GP
111GP total
Fron kept 25GP and 50SP for himself and gave the remainder to the poor as he travelled. He has sworn a vow of poverty which entails never to keep more than what he needs to stay equipped and alive
with the remainder to go to the poor that he encounters on his travels and a 10th to be tithed to the church. He has not sworn vows of celibacy or sobriety.



The Church of Adamantias is headed by the Theocrat Brathas. It has several branches, The Order of Theology, Order of the Quill (scribes who pen the region’s and the Church’s history), Order of the Word (Brothers
who go out amoungst the people of Breetland), Order of the Body (those who take care of the finances and resources of the Church) and lastly the Order of the Protectors of the Faith which is the Militant Order of the
Church, of which Fron is a member. Each order is headed by a Patriarch. The current Patriarch of the Militant Order is name Domic.

The Church of Adamantias tolerates the rule of the Church of Tah. It is well known that there is no love lost between the two faiths.

It is said in the CHurch histories that during the time when the CHurch of Tah first invaded Breetland, Garador, the first disciple and Theocrat of Adamantias, strove against them. As the Church of Tah conquered one faith after another, only
the Church of Adamantias under the leadership of Garador was successfully able to resist the invaders.
It is written that Garador bore a talisman given to him by Adamantias. It was named “Stormfury, The Blessed Hammer of the Windcaller”. Legend has it that so long as “Stormfury” lay in the hand of Garador no army could defeat him
nor any foe stand before him.
After the Battle of the Broken Hills, where Garador’s forces defeated a Tah army thrice its size, the Theocrat of Adamantias met his doom. Garador, accompanied by a small contingent of Church Knights, was returning to the nearby castle
of a loyal noble of the faith. It was during this journey that he & his entire company were slain and “Stormfury” vanished from the sight of men. Although carnage lay all about, there was not one single clue to identify the assailants.
The faithful of the church believed the Church of Tah to be the source of the foul deed, but they adamantly denied any knowledge or involvement . Some say that one of Garador’s own retainers betrayed him, but this was never proven either.
As history shows, shortly after Garador’s fall, the remaining members of the CHurch of Adamantias succumbed to the rule of the Tahists. They were the last to do so.
For 500 years, they continue the quest to find “Stormfury” and in the hopes of one day removing, as they see it, the cruel yoke of domination of the CHurch of Tah over the inhabitants of Breetland.

Ten leagues north of East Weston lies Pallmar Abbey. It is from here that the Church Knight Initiate, Fron the Fluent, has recently left to deliver a letter to Friar Ebnar, who leads a small flock of believers in Cheltenham. The head monk of Pallmar entrusted this letter to Fron thinking it would give him a much needed introduction to the world outside the abbey walls and to begin his way as a Church Knight of Adamantias.
Fron sees this as merely delivering a letter and without little consequence, but he is enjoying the journey and his first sojourn beyond the abbey walls he has called his home for the past 18 years.

Fron The Fluent

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