Jasper Quimby

An amiable halfling locksmith, he seems eternally wreathed in a cloud of pipe smoke.


Name: Jasper Quimby
Race: Halfling
Class: Thief
Level: 5th

STR: 11
INT: 14 +1
WIS: 13 +1
DEX: 16 +2
CON: 9
CHA: 12

AC: 17 (Leather, Ring, DEX) Base Attack Bonus: +2
HP: 21 Backstab x 2
XP: 10,635 / 20,000

Age: 39 (about 30 in human terms)
Height: 2’11"
Weight: 60 lbs.
Hair: Reddish brown, curly, sideburns
Eyes: Dark
Align: Neutral

Racial Abilities:
May not use large weapons, medium weapons require both hands.
+1 attack bonus with all ranged weapons.
+2 to AC against creatures larger than man-sized.
+1 to initiative.
Can hide in forest terrain with only 10% chance of detection.
In other terrain including indoors/dungeons, only 30% chance of detection.
+4 to save versus Death Ray, Poison, Wands, Paralysis, Petrify, Spells.
+3 to save versus Dragon Breath.

Thief Abilities:
35% : Pick Pockets
70% : Open Locks
60% : Remove Traps
45% : Move Silently
30% : Hide
50% : Listen
85% : Climb

Secondary Skills:
Appraise (INT = +1)
Craft – Locksmith (INT = +1)
Spot (WIS = +1)

- one open slot (??)


Leather Armor (AC 13)
Bracers of Defense +1
Ring of Protection +2 (AC only)
Boots of Elvenkind (Able to move very quietly on any surface,
95% successful in worst conditions,
100% successful in best conditions)

Shortsword (1d6 damage)
+1 Dagger of Venom (1d4 + 1 damage) Note: Currently emptied.
Silver Knife (1d4 damage)
Dagger (1d4 damage)
Light Crossbow (range 60/120/180)
20 quarrels (1d6 damage)
Sling (range 30/60/90)
2 Bullets (1d4 damage)
Some stones (1d3 damage)

2 Candles
Clothing, including cloak
Pipe, corncob
Pipe, ornate
Small Sack
Small Sack (full of pipeweed)
Thieve’s tools
Tinderbox, flint, steel
Winter Blanket
Dry Rations (1 week)

30 foot move assuming light load and leather armor.

Remaining Funds: 2152 GP, 13 SP, 7 CP


Jasper was born to be a halfling hero… at least if his mother was to be believed! She loved to tell the neighbors about how smart her boy was, how quick, and ‘as hale as a pony!’ And most of all, he had that rarest of halfling traits, a curiosity about the world beyond his doorstep. She loved to read tales to him of Tollo the Oliphaunt Tamer, Bertram ‘The Badger’ Hairfoot, and other great halflings of legend.

All that changed one boyhood summer when he came back from an ‘oddventure’ with a nearly fatal disease. In the end it left him bed-ridden for over a year, and by the time it had passed, his excellent health was destroyed and his mother had lost her taste for risky behavior by her only son. Jasper himself was philosophical about it; a persistent cough was not, after all, very compatible with a life of adventure! It seemed that other plans were called for — and so he followed his love of mechanical things into a career as a locksmith. As time passed, he found that pipeweed gradually did wonders for his lungs, he settled into a comfortable life as a master craftsman, and if he occasionally found himself dreaming of far-away lands and exotic sights, well, there’s also a lot to be said for being warm and dry and knowing where your next batch of pipeweed is coming from.

And that would be the end of the tale… if his business hadn’t gone downhill. He was, if anything, too good at his job; eventually everyone in town who thought they needed a Quimby lock for their burrow already had one. And so, one day, he made a fateful decision — one that he freely admits was by far the unwisest thing he ever did — and set out to increase demand. A little burgling here, a little first-undercellar work there… Soon the community was in an uproar, and business was booming again.

But for all his expertise as a locksmith, Jasper was a very novice thief, and it wasn’t long before the constables noted a pattern. He made it out of town five minutes ahead of the watch, with nothing but the clothes on his back, his favorite pipe, and the bag containing his emergency fund… which included a few pounds of pipeweed, of course.

He learned his lesson well, and has no particular desire to take up a career as a petty criminal. Being on the run has already involved a bit more lying, cheating, and stealing than he’s really comfortable with — though at least it allowed him to outrun his reputation. But otherwise, Jasper is philosophical about the change in his prospects. It seems perhaps this is life’s way of telling him he was meant to be an adventurer after all…?

And if he sometimes finds himself dreaming of being warm and dry and knowing where his next batch of pipeweed is coming from, there’s also a lot to be said for seeing far-away lands and experiencing exotic sights.

Jasper Quimby

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