Maurizio Gallienus

Maurizio, nicknamed “The Forlorn Moor”, is a woodsman that hails from lands far South of the Rep of San Genaro.


Maurizio Gallienus

Human (dark complexion, nicknamed “The Forlorn Moor”, Mauro for short)

Ranger L4 XP: 9090/17.6k +4 Basic Melee Attacks = his Ftr Level
HP 25 (last roll=5)
AC: 16(shield) 14(no shield) 12(surprised)
AGE 21
MONEY 1842 GP, 54 SP

Strength 11
Intelligence 11
Dexterity 16 +1 AC, Init, Missiles
Wisdom 15 +1 Magic will saves
Contsitution 11
Charisma 9

Move Silently:40 – Hide: 25 – Tracking: 52
40 – 25 – 52

Shield +1
Short bow: use@ 2 Ranger Levels higher
Ranges 50(
1)/ 100(0)/ 150(-2)
Bow attack = +4Level+2Ranger+1DEX = +6 To Hit =* +8 / +7 / +5 to hit*
Quiver x3 (2 on horse): hold 20 arrows each
Arrows: 20 (quiver carried)
Bastard sword +1 Sword ’FLAMES’ upon command “Fiamus”: * +5 To Hit, +d6 fire damage*
Short sword
Silver Dinner knife
Hemp rope 50’
Wire (5’)x2 pcs, base metal
small Sacks x2
Lantern [30’ radius + 20’ vague]
Oil x6 [Thrown: 10 30 50]
Torches x6
Net, weighted (hemp, 3×6′)

Shield 1 – see above
Necklace of Adaption (immune to noxious gases, breathe underwater).
Bastard sword
1 Sword ’FLAMES’ – see above
Potions: none.

Iron spikes x6
Mirror, small
Dry Rations 1 week
Waterskin (full )
extra bowstrings x 2 wrapped in oilcloth

PROFICIENCIES: Short bow, short sword, quarterstaff, bastard sword
Secondary skills: Forest knowledge ; Fletcher ; Animal Lore
Languages : Common, trader slang


A Lantern will provide light covering a 30’ radius; dim light
will extend about 20’ further. A lantern will consume a
flask of oil in 18+1d6 turns.

A Torch sheds light over a 30’ radius, with dim light
extending about 20’ further, and burns for 1d4+4 turns.


Maurizio also nicknamed “The Forlorn Moor”, or Mauro for short, is from the family Gallienus, a trading family with classical origins. Over the years careful intermarriage has ensured that the Gallienus retained influence and wealth in a world of changing authorities. Ever since his boyhood Mauro was treated almost as an outsider in his native home. Although fairly well educated and trained in ways of barter and trade, the tall and resourceful youth found solitude and comfort during his frequent stays in the woods and fields outside of his town. The knowledge and wisdom gained from these solo forays serves him well as he travels the known world alone – and his preference for living alone on the edges of civilization, although he is usually not far from it. Maurizio has accepted that he is not welcome everywhere, and quickly moves on when he encounters such intolerance. He continues to search for some region to more or less call ‘home’.

Maurizio Gallienus

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