Ex-adventurer a party member meets in Ryemouth.


McDermott is the ex-leader of an adventuring troupe that started with his brother and some local boys. Eventually they enlisted the help of a dwarven fighter and a beautiful elf cleric whom McDermott grew to love.
They adventured successfully and well until they slew a werewolf, not knowing his mate would hunt them down. The she-wolf stalked the party and killed them all one by one until only McDermott and the elf were left. They escaped into a river that plunged underground only to find an abandoned city underneath the ground. There they planned on resting until well but vermin attacked and killed the elf and McDermott barely escaped back to the upper world. However, when he did, the she-wolf ambushed him, mauling him terribly and leaving him for dead.
Miraculously he survived and returned home but due to his injuries was forced to retire from adventuring.
He tried for years to sell a map to the underground city but had no luck. Finally he realized he should give it to the most likely persons who could return and avenge his love. He has cruised the bars in Ryemouth looking for someone who looks like they have the right stuff to get the job done.



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