Rifkin the Black

Elven Necromancer


Level 3
XP: 9,478

STR: 10
INT: 15 +1
WIS: 14 +1
DEX: 15 +1
CON: 14 +1
CHR: 10

AC: 12
HP: 13

Weapon: Scimitar
To Hit/Damage: +1/1d8
Silver knife
To Hit/Damage: +1/1d4

Secondary Skills:
Knowledge Arcana
Knowledge History

Common (Human)
Lingua Mortuus

325 gp

Magic Items
Scarab of Protection
Brooch of Shielding
Potion Undead Control: Ghosts XP:750
Potion: Human Control – humanoids [Orcs, goblins, kobolds 14HD worth] or [gnolls, bugbears 7HD worth] XP:710

Equipment (equipment costs are shown in parenthesis)
Scimitar (10)
Silver Knife (5)
Horn Handle Knife
Large Sack (1) Holding the bones of a very large snake (5)
Leather Backpack (4)
Winter Blanket (1)
12 candles (1)
Tinderbox, Flint & Steel (3)
Spellbook, 20 pages (25)
Pen and ink (2)
Wineskin (1)
2 x oil flask (4)
Small metal mirror (7)
Physician’s kit (3)
50’ silk rope (10)
3 x scroll cases (3)
12 x sheet of paper (12)

Spellbook (spell Level is in parenthesis before name)
(1) Animate Dead Animals
(1) Cause Fear
(1) Corpse Link
(1) Corpse Servant
(1) Exterminate
(1) Identify
(1) Locate Remains
(1) Read Magic
(1) Remove Fear
(1) Spectral Voice
(2) Ghoulish Hands
(2) Maggot Spray

Wererat spellbook
(1) Charm Person
(1) Magic Missile
(1) Shield
(2) Invisibility
(2) Mirror Image
(2) Wizard Lock
(3?) Protection from Normal Missiles
(3) Dispel Magic
(3?) Wizard Eye
(4) Massmorph

Other Items in his Library/Laboratory:
- Vitam Post Mortem: Continens Quaestio De Animae cum Impulsi Artium Tenebrous. By Saint Remigius of the Priory of St. John of the Wood (Life After Death: Being a Treatise on the Question of the Soul when Animated by the Dark Arts.)
- Faciem Nigra Mortem: Cantus ad Mortuos Reviviscere. By Deven Ravenclaw (The Black Mask of Death: Chants to Make the Dead Live Again.) This book increases the chance of success when creating new spells by 5%


Rifkin is a small, dark haired elf, an atribute that earned him the title of Rifkin the Black when he was young. He thinks it makes him sound dangerous and powerful, so he uses it anytime he is formally introduced to someone he thinks is important. Generally speaking, though, there are few things about him that look dangerous or powerful.

Rifkin comes from Fengland, a land east of the sea. He spent most of his early years working as a physician in a small elven town. A voracious reader, Rifkin was largely self-taught. Eventually, however, Rifkin came across some writings in an ancient tongue, the Lingua Mortuus. The things Rifkin read and learned from those writings changed him forever and set his life upon a course far different than he ever imagined. These writings opened Rifkin’s eyes to the Old Gods, Set and Anubis, two brothers who breathed the spark of undeath into those no longer living to create the various kinds of undead creatures that roam the earth. The extent of the things that Rifkin has read is not clear, but his absolute conviction that eventually, every living thing will come under the spell of undeath is unshakable. Rifkin greatly fears this end, but at the same time, he is morbidly fascinated by it. It was from these ancient writings in the Lingua Mortuus, that Rifkin was able to learn his spells. And it was in these writings that he learned that if armed with the right knowledge, mortals can influence and even control the undead.

Eventually his studies became public knowledge, however (you see, Rifkin loves to talk about the undead) and life became uncomfortable back home. Rifkin decided to sail west, across the sea to Breetland where his studies indicated that an ancient people who once worshipped Set and Anubis once lived, hundreds and hundreds of years ago. He hopes to find more knowledge in Breetland to arm him in his quest for more rare ancient knowledge to give him greater and greater control over the undead.

Rifkin is actually not at all a bad fellow. He can be a bit creepy, when he starts going on and on about undead and how they will eventually cover the whole earth, but generally he is a good person whose goals are simple: gain knowledge about undead, learn to control them to increase his power and influence and try his best to destroy any undead that he cannot control. For example, if the party were to discover a graveyard infested with skeletons, zombies and ghouls, Rifkin would try his absolute best to convince the rest of the party that it is their moral obligation to wipe out the undead before they spread to a nearby village. If he were very high level, however, and he believed that he could control them, he would probably be more apt to set up a keep near the graveyard and use the undead as his personal minions to protect it.

Rifkin the Black

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